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Sharing the unconditional love of God thru the heart of dog.

Breeding Program

We work thru an age-appropriate curriculum designed to strengthen their bodies as well as their nerve strength. They are desensitized to a variety of sounds, movements and situations.

About Us

We believe dogs are God’s perfect example of unconditional love. And we certainly believe He perfected the lesson with the creation of the Miniature Schnauzer.

We are happy you are here!


Sharing the unconditional love of God thru the heart of dog.

Breeding Program

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About Us

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Your journey with a

Miniature Schnauzer begins here. 

Explore our website, get to know our puppies and parents, and discover why Deez Pups is the perfect place to find your new furry family member.


Health Tested Adults

Puppies raised using advanced service dog curriculum

Health Guaranteed

AKC Registered

New Owners

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Our Adults are the heart of our program. We are so in love with our dogs.


See available puppies and learn more about our program.


Are you ready to get started? Fill out a puppy application.

Why choose Deez Pups?

At Deez Pups, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Here’s why you should choose us:

Quality Assurance: Our Miniature Schnauzer puppies are raised with love and care, ensuring they grow up healthy and happy.

Ethical Breeding: We adhere to ethical breeding practices, ensuring the well-being of our dogs and the health of our puppies.

Love and Passion: We’re not just breeders; we’re Miniature Schnauzer enthusiasts. Our love for the breed shines through in the puppies we produce.

How do I reserve my puppy?

Fill out our puppy application and we’ll get in touch to start the match making process. If we are a match
for you, we’ll collect the reservation fee for your pup at that time. NO cost to complete the application
and start the conversation.

How do I pay for my puppy?

We prefer the reservation fee to be paid via CashApp, Venmo, PayPal or in Cash. We prefer the balance
to be paid in Cash upon delivery. If necessary, we can accept the balance via CashApp, Venmo or PayPal
but a small fee (up to $20) may be added as these electronic payment systems are beginning to charge a
user’s fee. We can accept personal checks, but the payment must be submitted to us and cleared our
banking accounts two weeks prior to delivery of your pup.

What is included with my puppy?

A bag of food, a can of food, health records from our veterinarian as well as my own records, a booklet
with printed taking home puppy information, AKC registration papers, AKC pedigree, AKC Bred with
H.E.A.R.T. folder with AKC program information, microchip and registration information, your puppy’s
birth certificate, 30 days FREE Trupanion Health Insurance Information, Baxter and Bella Online Puppy
School information, a brush, a small bed, a blanket with your puppy’s family’s scent, and new in 2024 we
plan to add the Snuggle Puppy to help ease the transition to your home.

How do I get my puppy?

We deliver! Yes, we can provide that to your door, white glove delivery service. We deliver anywhere in
the continental 48 states. The cost depends on distance as well as if we are flying or making a car trip. If
we can include another puppy in the same trip, then the cost is split between the parties.

Can we visit the puppies in your home?

The short answer is NO. This policy is simply out of an abundance of caution. This world is no longer the
safe place of my childhood when prospective families came to our home to pick out their puppy.
Breeders have been beaten, killed and puppies stolen by good for nothings to make a quick buck.
I will happily do FaceTime with you to show you the puppies, their parents, where they are raised, and
how they are raised. If you’re local, I can meet you in the Police Station parking lot for you to meet a
puppy. I’m absolutely obnoxious with photographs and I’ll happily spam your phone with all the cute
photos and bore you to tears talking about their temperaments, gifts and budding talents.

Mrs. Paula had pet insurance for him. He was micro chipped. He was well bred. He had all of his first round of vaccinations. He was health tested. In addition, I also got a baby book of all of his newborn puppy pictures. I highly recommend Deez Pups to everyone! .”


“Chet was trained and had had valuable experiences socially. He could take the stairs right away. Knew when to leave our 7 yr old fur baby alone when she warned him.

He’s still a puppy but Paula and the family gave him a great start. We feel so lucky to have found Chet and a great breeder who takes care in every aspect.”

“We got our puppy from Deez Pups and he is by far the best puppy. He has the best personality! I told Paula what we were looking for and if she didn’t match us with the most amazing pup that superseded our expectations! When you get a pup from DeezPups I know you won’t be disappointed.”


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